St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore

St. Gerosa High School
St Gerosa School Mangalore

Songs Composed by the students


God made a miracle on this earth
Created an angel and sent here with great mirth
Grew up as a humble divine mother
She taught us to love one another

Hope she had in her eyes
Service always in her hands
Dedication she did for the poor
Gave up her luxurious life in the tower

Godís spirit was her power
Which she had at any hour
Spread her light around the world
Reached India, where love she soled

Worked for the sake of this society
She then started the sisters of charity
Consoled the suffering and the needy
To guide others she is always ready

She was the courage for many
Who cared for being even tiny
She followed the path of god
Peace maker she was, never used a sword

Grew up in a small village in Italy
She is the light of every family
She is the model for all
Who did her best service before godís call


With joyful hearts we praise you Vincenza
From the bottom of our hearts we hail you Gerosa
You were sent from the almighty savior
And grew like a blooming flower

You are the sources of light for us
A saint who protects us from all dangerous
Loving and caring is your nature
Shower us with all your favours

You are flooded with the galore of sacrifices
You are our patroness, who enlighten us
You never let anyone go empty handed
We are your children, whom you have guided

You have never let the hungry die
Neither have you ignored their cry
You are our mother who helps us on our way
Give us courage so that we face another day

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