St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore

St. Gerosa High School

Conduct And Discipline

  • Students should be punctual and regular in their attendance at school.
  • In the absence of the teacher from the class room,at the assembly and while leading to the class room,pupils are required to observe strict silence and obey the leader of the class.
  • Letters to students addressed to the school are subject to scrutiny by the Headmistress.
  • Students are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or actions injurious to the feelings of fellow students,teachers or others in the school. Any such behaviour,will attract serious disciplinary action.
  • Serious violation if the rules and regulation and discipline of the school is punishable including removal or expulsion from school. Such action will follow a written warning to allow improvement in conduct.
  • Students should be gentle and courteous and be respectful towards their teachers and kind to their companions.
  • They schould be modest in dress and come to school in full school uniform everyday.
  • Student are responsible to school authorities for their conduct not only in the school but also for their general behaviour outside.Any report or observed objectionable conduct outside the school on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action.
  • Honesty shall be their watch word. They should remember that it is mean to tell a lie,to look into another's paper during test/examination and above all,stealing money or things from their fellow students bags.
  • Students are not allowed to enter class rooms other than their own.
  • English being the medium of instruction itis compulsory to speak in English.
  • Students should take pride in leading a helping hand to all school functions and take active part in all Co-curricular activities to develop qualities of self-expression self- confidence, self-discipline, purposefulness, patience, leadership and decision making which are esstential for one's personality development.
  • They should ever be loyal to the school and regard with respect and love their 'Alma Mater' within whose portals they have been brought up and educated.
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