St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore

St. Gerosa High School


We are fortunate of having a good library . It is housed in a big hall. There are many almairahs in it. Each almairah has books pertaining to one subject only. Books are arranged serialwise. Every students is given a card so that librarian can issue books against the card we have a huge collection of books on many subjects.

All types of books, magazines and newspapers are available for reading. The students increase their knowledge by reading in the library during their free time. They can also take books to their houses and read at their leisure time. There are nearly 9135 books have been neatly arranged in proper shelves and almairahs. The books have been arranged according to their subjects. Thus, there is no difficulty for the students in finding any book of their choice. Our library is kept clean all the time. 

The students of our school are very proud of our school library. They are interested to come to the library, during the library period and other times and gain lot of knowledge and information. It is also a help for the teachers to prepare their lesson by referring the books in the library. 
In reality books are the best friends of a student. The books are our constant companions.

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