St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore

St. Gerosa High School

Aims And Objectives

The Charism of Charity is a special gift which St. Bartholomea Capitanio received from the Divine spirit and transmitted to us for the good of the human society. Inspired by her spirit,we strive to form our student to be:

  • God oriented:- So that they become persons of prayer who realise that god is a need in their lives at all times, acknowledge Him as the Father of all men,build up relationship with Him and with all their brethren.

  • Value oriented:- Who are morally upright,guided by Christian Principles and courageous to live by their convictions.

  • The other oriented:- Who are Socially concerned sacrificing themselves for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed,through selfless service in view of building up a just society.

  • Wisdom oriented:- So as to enrich their learning with needed Skills, preventing it from being merely intellectual and faciliting their growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically.

  • Positively oriented:- towards life,through an emotionally balanced disposition, radiating happiness and contentment around them. Thus we aim at forming genuine and loyal citizens of Mother India,imbued with a patriotic spirit, a sense of responsibility and a dynamic leadership.

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