St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore
St Gerosa School Mangalore

St. Gerosa High School
St Gerosa School Mangalore


Sr.Geneview Gonsalves

Has been appointed as the Headmistress of english higher primary, Correspondent of high school and SUPERIOR of St.Gerosa Convent.

Orientation Programme

One day orientation programme to the parents

Resource Person: Prof PP Joseph
The Principal of Pre University College Jyothi, Mangalore

Farewell Program

Farewell program to the old correspondent, Sr. Marcellin Braggs

Parliament Inauguration

parliament inaugural session was on 26th june.
The student cabinet was formed and there was oath taking ceremony.

Class Activity

XthA Performed their class activity on 24th june.

2015-16 SPL Election

Contestant - Preethi XthA
I Monica XthB
Vaishak XthC
Election took Place on 6th June 2015
Preethi has elected as the SPL and Vaishak as the ASPL.

New Scholastic Year 2015-16

June 1st, Inauguration of the new scholastic year 2015-16.
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